Almost escaped in time

TBC – Back to Back


SO MUCH FUN!!!! We did both Perpetual Motion and Framed at Elude and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Both rooms had incredible set design, attention to detail and clever puzzles which made these rooms so much fun. The debrief at the end was the best as our game-masters spent a good hour talking us through ...

Family Photo at Elude Escape Rooms

Pregnant Pythons


It was a weekend escape from Sydney though well worth it. By far the best escape room I’ve been to yet. The types of locks were unique and clearly explained beforehand, and the owners regularly monitor our performance via CCTV, and deliver subtle hints via a screen in the room. There were far more challenges ...

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The absolute BEST!!


We were blown away with the level of detail, the amazing puzzles (some of which we’d never seen before) and the great atmosphere in Perpetual Motion. Great storyline and it was definitely the hardest escape room we’ve done as a team of four! Luckily we escaped with 21 seconds to spare (but with a lot ...

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A truly fantastic escape room experience


Hi everyone. My name is Scott – I run an escape room review blog where I have reviewed 65 rooms across Australia (at the time of writing this review). My team were lucky enough to try Elude’s first room, Perpetual Motion, just after they opened. It was a fantastic room and the owners are true ...