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FRAMED Opening Soon

By 25/02/2018 June 3rd, 2018 No Comments


Our second room Framed in coming together nicely, with the construction all completed.  Fit-out nearly finished.  It has been a busy few months.  We wanted to have this room open sooner however we did not want to compromise on attention to detail, immersion and that WOW factor.

Darren and I have been hard at work putting this room together for you.  This theme holds a special place for us and we wanted to pay a tribute to our first Escape Room.  The theme was a Private Investigator  which got us hooked on Escape rooms and we absolutely loved it.  We can’t wait to welcome you to our version – Framed.

Puzzle design is always a challenge, wanting to incorporate unique puzzles, that are fun and make you think outside the square.  Trying to ensure we have a good mix of puzzles that draw out your skills. From team work, communication and problem solving.  Ensuring the flow of the room works well.  Making sure we having made it too hard or too easy.  There is so much to consider.

This room takes you on a journey around the world.  Keep an eye on our website for when Framed will open – Hint it will be very soon!!!  Or follow us on Facebook to see our updates.



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