Rik Gardner

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5 Star Review on Facebook

From the moment you set foot into the perpetual motion room you can tell that Julia and Darren have put in an amazing amount of time and effort to ensure every little detail is perfect.

The room itself is a work of art and is a challenge, but never impossible or frustrating.

The theming of the room is quite possibly the most thorough and well thought out of the 40ish rooms I have done over the world.

You can tell that Julia and Darren are diehard escape room fans and dedicated to their craft and ensuring a great time for their customers.

The proximity of the room to the city was a pleasant surprise and did not take nearly as long To get to as I thought it would. There is ample parking and signage.

Overall this room kept me in constant amazement from start to finish- I still cannot wipe the smile from my face or recommend Elude highly enough!

The End

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5 Star Review on Facebook

The trouble with reviewing an escape room is that it’s like Fight Club…you do not talk about Fight Club. You do not talk about escape rooms…. or it totally gives away the awesomeness! And the Elude Perpetual Motion room has awesomeness by the bucketload. Not wanting to spoil any of the puzzles… but you’ll be scratching your head and frantically trying to decode the myriad of riddles and clues all the time being watched over by the friendly Games masters who will help you along with extra cryptic hints if you’re getting stuck.

Get in, find the capacitor, and get out within the hour… IF YOU CAN. It’s a very clever theme and you won’t be disappointed, no matter if you’re an escape room rookie or an addict. This is our third room, one of our team was a total newbie, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a tops experience!

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5 Star Review on Facebook

Elude’s passion, creativity, and enthusiasm really shines through in the Perpetual Motion room. They definitely managed to throw a couple of neat surprises in there that I’d never seen done at an escape room before. You need to go check out this room, whether you’re an enthusiast or a casual escape room fan! Lovely hosts too, it was so cool sitting down and chatting about what they’re working on and how they got here.

The Grayt Escapees

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One of the BEST escape rooms in Sydney by far!!

5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

Our team of four absolutely loved visiting Elude on the weekend. We only just escaped their Perpetual Motion room, with 21 seconds to spare! It was definitely the hardest escape room we’ve faced yet, but that’s what made it so brilliant! There were incredible puzzles, a very clever storyline and the props and atmosphere was unlike any we’ve even seen before. So so good!

Darren the Julia the owners are so friendly and enthusiastic too. We loved chatting with them before and after and seeing their passion for escape rooms and hearing more about what led them to opening their own (very successful) escape room business. Thank you for such a great experience, we’re sure to be back for your new room opening (very very soon!!)

The Grayt Escapees 🙂

Cheap Cheap Lah Lah

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5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

My little group of fanatics spent an absolutely wonderful afternoon with Julia and Darren yesterday. There are currently two escape rooms available and both are excellent. I still smile when I think about them.

This two rooms mark our 42nd and 43rd room in Australia, and we had such a fun time we almost didn’t want to leave. There are lots of original and interesting elements which we have not seen in other rooms.

I think a large part of what makes the rooms such a pleasure to play is due to the amazing attention to details and effort put into them – these are rooms and owners, who we (as players) truly appreciate as they put a lot of their own experiences from other rooms and their passion into their own production.

Cannot wait for the new room(s) to open and make another visit to them.

The Escape Gamers

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Challenging and fun!

5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

Perpetual Motion was our 17th escape room. We went as our usual team of 4 experienced players. Upon arrival, we were greeted by one of the owners, Julia. She was extremely friendly, and we had a bit of a chat while deciding on our team name, before we were given the instructions for the room. The back story of the room happened inside the room, and then we set off to work on our escape. The room was challenging and fun.

There is one thing about the room that we have never seen before, and it was put to good use – definitely very cool! The theming and atmosphere were fantastic and the puzzles were excellent. Everything was well thought-out and of a very high standard, and you can tell that both Julia and Darren have gone to a lot of effort in creating a coherent room that was a good challenge for everyone. After our escape, we got to chatting some more, and we were given the opportunity to try a puzzle treasure chest that they have created for the Hills Relay for Life event last weekend. How could we say no to bonus puzzles??!! The chest was compact and fun – a brilliant way to make a portable mini-escape room. Thanks Julia and Darren for a most fun and excellent escape room experience! We will definitely be back!!

Almost escaped in time

TBC – Back to Back

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SO MUCH FUN!!!! We did both Perpetual Motion and Framed at Elude and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Both rooms had incredible set design, attention to detail and clever puzzles which made these rooms so much fun. The debrief at the end was the best as our game-masters spent a good hour talking us through all the detailed aspects of the room. These rooms are built by truly passionate and dedicated escape room enthusiasts and it shows!

This was worth the drive from Sydney (it’s not actually that far!) and was the perfect afternoon, topped off with a lovely lunch nearby. If you’re looking for quality escape rooms, do these rooms! They are better than most of the rooms in Sydney. We can’t wait to be back for the new rooms in December! 🙂

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Pregnant Pythons

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5 Star Review on Google

It was a weekend escape from Sydney though well worth it. By far the best escape room I’ve been to yet. The types of locks were unique and clearly explained beforehand, and the owners regularly monitor our performance via CCTV, and deliver subtle hints via a screen in the room. There were far more challenges than other escape rooms we’ve been to though we just managed to escape with 1.5mins to go! Still reeling from such a high. Recommend booking 2 in 1 day with a lunch break in between, as it is quite addictive.

Mel Wheatley

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Absolutely the BEST!

We were blown away with the level of detail, the amazing puzzles (some of which we’d never seen before) and the great atmosphere in Perpetual Motion. Great storyline and it was definitely the hardest escape room we’ve done as a team of four! Luckily we escaped with 21 seconds to spare (but with a lot of help!). We really loved chatting with Darren and Julia before and after and seeing their enthusiasm for escape rooms and their excitement for building their amazing rooms. We can’t wait to come back soon and do their new room once it’s released! Thanks again, from The Grayt Escapees 🙂



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The Bloggers – Scott Monin

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A truly fantastic escape room experience

5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

Hi everyone. My name is Scott – I run an escape room review blog where I have reviewed 65 rooms across Australia (at the time of writing this review). My team were lucky enough to try Elude’s first room, Perpetual Motion, just after they opened. It was a fantastic room and the owners are true escape room enthusiasts, so they get the importance of great room and puzzle design. My pretty experienced team all agreed that this was one of the best rooms in Sydney. It’s also a family-friendly theme.

There’s one aspect of the room that is so very original and innovative (but unfortunately I can’t say any more without spoilers). You’ll have to check it out yourself 😉


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