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AK – Jackie Poon

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“Out of the 25 rooms I’ve played in Sydney this was amongst the best”.   5 Star

A friend and I played the Perpetual Motion room today. It is the first room we played with Elude (and certainly won’t be the last!). Out of the 25 rooms I’ve played in Sydney this was amongst the best. Our game master Julia was so kinda as to give us a little bit of bonus time just to finish off our game!

The design, props and atmosphere were unique and there is something I’ve never seen in any other escape room before which is always a bonus 🙂 The puzzles are complex but not difficult (just the right level of complexity) and most are hands-on which we loved. The game is linear (which we also love for a party of 2 especially). Oh, and even the waiting area is clean, colourful and welcoming~

If anyone is thinking that Galston is far, it’s not really if driving. I urge you to try this room anyway regardless, it’s worth the trip. A well-designed room is not always easy to come by. Plus, there’s parking. I look forward to trying out their other rooms in the future~ Thank you for a great time today!

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The B Team

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“By far, the trickiest escapes we’ve ever undertaken, but laughs galore too”. 5 Star

We had a fantastic time at Elude Escape Rooms. By far, the trickiest escapes we’ve ever undertaken, but laughs galore too.

Darren and Julia were a hoot. They are so obviously passionate about their rooms and they were as excited about our visit as we were.

The day was all round fantastic from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.

We can’t wait to see what Darren and Julia have up their sleeves.

We will be recommending Elude to everyone we meet.

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SO MUCH FUN!!!!           5 Star Review on Google

We did both Perpetual Motion and Framed at Elude and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Both rooms had incredible set design, attention to detail and clever puzzles which made these rooms so much fun. The debrief at the end was the best as our game-masters spent a good hour talking us through all the detailed aspects of the room. These rooms are built by truly passionate and dedicated escape room enthusiasts and it shows!

This was worth the drive from Sydney (it’s not actually that far!) and was the perfect afternoon, topped off with a lovely lunch nearby. If you’re looking for quality escape rooms, do these rooms! They are better than most of the rooms in Sydney. We can’t wait to be back for the new rooms in December! 🙂

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Ultimate Squad

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Best escape room so far!      5 Star review on Trip Advisor

We were a team of 4, aged 26, 21, 19 & 15; three of whom were new to escape rooms. We did Perpetual Motion. Firstly, it has to be said that the couple that runs this were really part of the reason this was one of my favourite escape rooms to date – so lovely and enthusiastic, they’ve really put a lot of thought into this whole experience from start to finish. We felt the room itself was very challenging and we needed a lot of hints, so even for newbies, don’t be put off!! The organisers are super adaptable and you can have as many hints as you like or none at all. For us it was about keeping the balance between pushing ourselves and not getting too frustrated especially as we’re all relatively inexperienced. At the end the couple went through the room in detail (not had that in other rooms previously) and checked whether we had any questions. Highly recommend trying this out! There’s plenty of parking on site, there is an arrow mark pointing left directing you into the house, take the dirt road just ½ metres before that sign on the left. Thanks guys for such a great evening!! We will be back to try the second room out next year 🙂

Ryan Whitmore – Expedition Escape Rooms – Canberra

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A fresh and unique experience

5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

Elude escape rooms owners Julia and Darren take from their extensive experience of 70+ escape rooms played (many in Europe) and bring it to Sydney.

The vibe of the room was very different to what I had experienced before, with the theme, props and layout being more real and less dramatic and staged. This had a great impact on the overall feel and immersion of the room, making it that bit more fun. Puzzles and perspective were clever, some props and puzzles I had never seen used before, but some flow elements paired with specific instructions caused clashes with knowing what to do and a comfortable natural progression of the room.

All in all I REALLY look forward to their next room after this extremely good first one! Definitely worth the drive!

The Incredible 2

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Elude was phenomenal!    5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

Having done upwards of 40 escape rooms around Australia my partner and I are quite picky, and the experience at Elude was phenomenal!

It is clear that Julia and Darren have both an intense passion for escape rooms and a flair for customer service!

The room itself was so different to any game I’ve previously experienced, it was challenging, immersive and so much fun!

The only downside is that we couldn’t turn around and play it again!

Can’t wait to be back when the new rooms open!

Pure Boost

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“An absolute blast” – 5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

My team of four had an absolute blast with this escape room. It truly is a unique experience like no other and was awesome to have such amazing hosts in Julia and Darren who are so passionate about what they do. We managed to escape (just!) with some help. Definitely a challenge and one of the hardest rooms we’ve done, but entirely possible to complete. It’s the type of thing that I could write paragraphs on but I can’t without spoiling anything, so definitely go check it out for yourself. We’ll definitely be back for their next room when it opens!

Team Laila

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5 Star Review on Facebook

Perpetual Room at Elude is the best escape room yet (though I have only completed 3)! Every clue was logical and sequential which works well with my brain type. Definitely recommend 3 or more people as this room requires teamwork in more ways than one 😉

Darren and Julia, the owners, are such lovely, passionate and helpful people. They were so welcoming from the minute we arrived, greeting us at the car. They even asked if we had to rush off afterwards, as if we had time they would prefer us to escape the room and get the full experience, should we not escape in time. With their help and guidance we were able to escape with 22 seconds to spare. We’ll be back as soon as the new rooms open up! Would definitely recommend.

Rik Gardner

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5 Star Review on Facebook

From the moment you set foot into the perpetual motion room you can tell that Julia and Darren have put in an amazing amount of time and effort to ensure every little detail is perfect.

The room itself is a work of art and is a challenge, but never impossible or frustrating.

The theming of the room is quite possibly the most thorough and well thought out of the 40ish rooms I have done over the world.

You can tell that Julia and Darren are diehard escape room fans and dedicated to their craft and ensuring a great time for their customers.

The proximity of the room to the city was a pleasant surprise and did not take nearly as long To get to as I thought it would. There is ample parking and signage.

Overall this room kept me in constant amazement from start to finish- I still cannot wipe the smile from my face or recommend Elude highly enough!

The End

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5 Star Review on Facebook

The trouble with reviewing an escape room is that it’s like Fight Club…you do not talk about Fight Club. You do not talk about escape rooms…. or it totally gives away the awesomeness! And the Elude Perpetual Motion room has awesomeness by the bucketload. Not wanting to spoil any of the puzzles… but you’ll be scratching your head and frantically trying to decode the myriad of riddles and clues all the time being watched over by the friendly Games masters who will help you along with extra cryptic hints if you’re getting stuck.

Get in, find the capacitor, and get out within the hour… IF YOU CAN. It’s a very clever theme and you won’t be disappointed, no matter if you’re an escape room rookie or an addict. This is our third room, one of our team was a total newbie, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a tops experience!

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