About Us

Elude Escape Rooms are run by Julia and Darren.  They are now considered as Escape Room Enthusiasts after discovering escape rooms whilst touring Europe.   The first room was opened in November 2017, Perpetual Motion, and was designed completely from scratch. The second room, Framed, opened in April 2018 and there are plans for 3 more rooms.

Darren has come from a military background, having serviced in the RAF for 22 years and emigrated to Australia 4 years ago to join the family business.  Darren wishes to concentrate on the benefits of Leadership Training which can be derived from certain aspects of Escape Rooms.

Julia has come from Customer Service Management and Operations Management roles and lastly running her own recruitment agency. Julia can see the benefits of Escape Rooms to be utilised as a tool in the recruitment process for selection of suitable candidates for positions and Team Building activities.

Darren and Julia design their rooms aiming specifically at Team Work, Communication, Problem Solving and Task Focused challenges to draw out those Team Building skills to provide deliverables to the client.

With their combined skills, they understand the importance of giving the customer a full experience and not just a game.

A photo of Darren and Julia, the owners of Elude, and escape room enthusiasts, both happy while standing in front of a stretched black Chrysler 300

Imaginative and varied clues, tasks and challenges created the perfect environment for team building fun and the opportunity to apply problem solving skills and lateral thinking. We went as a business group but would also be great for a family (suggest children need to be 14+) looking to do a fun activity together - reinforces the importance of team work clear communication and having a laugh! It was very well organised and felt like a real accomplishment to "escape". Gamesmasters were superb and the location was great too. All in all highly recommended and looking forward to doing another one soon.

David and Christine B

Absolutely loved the Elude Escape Room experience

Whether for entertainment or corporate team building, the Elude Escape rooms provide a truly memorable experience. Clever Immersive Professional Fun.

Dave Fezz

Clever - creative - challenging - fun